Increase performance of highly degraded polyolefins

In 2021, Emily at Coldharbour Tiles reached out to BASF. With a goal to create wall tiles from recycled plastic, she requested a technical discussion and samples of antioxidants and UV stabilizers. Within the week, BASF technical experts were connected to Coldharbour to eagerly understand the challenges that they were facing to create new value from old plastics.

While the path was not always easy, together we show that we can increase the sustainable (re-)use of plastics, without sacrificing performance. Passion for sustainability and creativity from the entire team allowed us to create novel solutions and work around the many roadblocks on the way to a circular economy.

Coldharbour Tiles - Statement from Emily Paker

Creator Talk from Coldharbour Tiles and BASF at K 2022


About Coldharbour Tiles

Emily Packer, a California-born mom of three, was driven by a personal mission to help reduce the 91% of un-recycled plastic waste entering our environment. Coldharbour Tiles was a way to combine her environmental concerns with her values of high quality and design.

After witnessing an alarming amount of plastic waste while on missions as a freelance videographer in Africa, she decided to roll up her sleeves and become part of the solution. She created her first wall tile from recycled plastic at home in her kitchen, cutting up pieces of shampoo bottles and bottle caps, and melting them into what turned out to be the beginning of Coldharbour Tiles.

Coldharbour Tiles is a luxury eco-tile brand which manufactures wall and decorative tiles from 100% recycled plastic waste.

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