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Recycling Challenge

After mastering the sorting challenge of the different types of plastic waste, one of the key pieces in the recycling process is to clean off all pollution of the grinded waste before it can be further processed for recycling.

Chemetall is committed to provide tailored and cutting-edge solutions to mechanical plastic recycling companies.

We create solutions to overcome challenges and create value for new material cycles.



Sustainable value added

  • Formulated and integrated cleaning agents to enhance quality, productivity, and safety of plastic recycling process
  • We are process experts and dedicated to improve productivity and efficiency with an excellent technical customer support
  • Increase plastic flake output and meet the food industry standards

Significant footprint reduction

  • Help reducing CO2 footprint in plastic recycling
  • Reduce the chemical usage and water consumption
  • Lower facility’s energy and resource consumptions by decreasing washing temperature
  • Effectively purify your wastewater to recirculate it into the process


Chemetall technologies for mechanical recycling 

Each ton of recyclate consumes about 3 m³ of water during the washing process. This does not only lead to taking care of the quality of the incoming water but also a high demand on the waste effluent. It obligates us to re-use water as much as we can in order to reduce the consumption.

Our technologies can significantly reduce consumption in both water treatment and wastewater with tailored solutions for specific industries.

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