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Integrated solutions for mechanical recycling

Plastics deserve a chance at a new life

As part of our commitment to create a sustainable and circular future, BASF offers solutions for each of the stages of the recycling process, from sorting to extrusion, helping to improve and preserve the quality of recycled plastics.

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What is mechanical recycling? 

Mechanical recycling is the recovery and processing of plastic waste, transforming it into secondary raw materials for new applications. There are many steps of mechanical recycling including sorting, grinding, washing, re-granulation, and compounding before the material is ready to be reused.

Each step of the process requires different chemistries and technologies in order to produce safe and high-quality post-consumer recyclate (PCR). At the same time, because this process does not change the chemical structure of the material or require highly specialized equipment, it is easily scaled and implemented in many places in the world. 

Mechanical recycling is an essential component of the circular economy for plastics.

BASF and Sirmay partner to improve the mechanical recycling process

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